News & Highlights from the Auroville Community

What is this journal about?

For almost two years, Auroville has been in the news due to recent turmoil and challenges in this international community located in southern India.

Founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa, more commonly known as the Mother, Auroville is a project based on the vision of the great sage and philosopher Sri Aurobindo. This unique experiment in human unity attracts seekers and visitors from all over India and the world.

Voice of Auroville is a bimonthly journal to inform wellwishers and friends of Auroville across India and the globe on the current unfolding events with factual updates and articles. The contents convey perspectives from the majority of Auroville’s Residents’ Assembly (one of the Auroville Foundation’s three statutory bodies).

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  • Evolving approaches to Integral Education
  • Summary of events – September & October 2023
  • An external perspective on the present crisis
  • Dreamweaving 2.0: a participatory process for holistic planning
  • Summary of events – July & August 2023
  • Auroville green spaces: a labour of love
  • Darkali Forest Park: Beautiful, Essential, Endangered
  • Summary – April, May, June 2023
  • Reflections from a pioneer on Auroville’s governance
  • 18 Months of Crisis – a summary of the recent turmoil
  • Dreamweaving: Bridging Diversity in Urban Planning – collective visioning of the future city
  • Auroville’s Resilience at Play – manifesting community spirit against all the odds