The Spirit of Auroville

Letters to the Chairman of the Auroville Governing Board
November 2022​
What is this booklet about?

After 11 months of a painful divide caused by the forcible implementation of the Master Plan and subsequently escalating provocations, Mr. RN Ravi, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation finally called to meet with the Residents’ Assembly of the Auroville Foundation on 7th November, 2022.

Residents came in hundreds for the opportunity of a dialogue, hoping to discuss how to move forward in togetherness.

A speech was delivered, the transcript of which is available in the annexure. A space for interaction was not offered.

Instead, residents were requested to email their suggestions.

The attached booklet is a compilation of these letters sent by residents of Auroville to the Chairman and the Governing Board, with only the humble hope they will be read.

Each letter uniquely represents the diversity of the instruments that comprise Auroville’s orchestra – what pains each of us; what affects each of us; how it churns within each of us; and the choice of response each of us makes, somehow harmonising into a symphony of which She alone is the conductor.