What has Auroville achieved over the past 50+ years?​

Auroville has been a hotspot of green work and social innovation since its inception. Across the sectors of education, agriculture, reforestation, energy, waste management, architecture and community building, Auroville has played an exemplary role in grounding abstract ideals in a unique living laboratory.

Take organic farming for example: the famous Tamil farmer guru Nammazhwar used to frequent Auroville and learn alongside pioneers of soil regeneration at Pebble Garden. In renewable energy, Auroville stood at the forefront of windmill adoption and the early stages of solar power.

In architecture and forestry, the legacy lives on with many 21st century programs finding inspiration and seeking partnership in Auroville. For architecture colleges across India, sending their students to Auroville has become a respected part of their curriculum.

Auroville forests tell an almost mythical story of humans acting as a force for good in reversing desertification. Today, the Auroville tree nurseries act as sacred groves, seeding reforestation across the country.

Auroville education initiatives have inspired countless teachers to try our alternative models of schooling and learning in India and abroad.

As a site for inner and outer work, Auroville has served as host to tens of thousands of volunteers and short-term residents, who experienced that another world is possible through integral and karma yoga.

Despite being currently under duress, Auroville governance stands out as the longest living experiment in inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary co-living and co-creation.

Auroville residents are notoriously artistic and Auroville podiums act as an artistic and cultural centre of gravity that punches far above its weight.

Report on the development of Auroville's assets

This document offers a general overview of Auroville’s material development and highlights some specific case-studies of how assets of the community were developed to date, across key areas.

Summary of Auroville's realizations over 54 years

This PDF aims to present briefly some of Auroville’s achievements and realizations over the past 54 years of its existence. It is worth noting that all this has been achieved thanks to the goodwill, hard work and faithful dedication of Aurovilians and well wishers of Auroville, across India and the world. 

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