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Issue 05, February 2024

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Last update: 05.09.2022


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Auroville amidst Crisis

Since the appointement of a new Secretary to the Auroville Foundation in 2021, Auroville has progressively been plunged into what is probably its biggest crisis since its inauguration. 

From governance to sustainable living, from fraternal economy to integral education, from Auroville’s experimental dimension to its core values and ideals – all that has been achieved and embodied in 50+ years of Auroville’s existence, all that Auroville stands for, is currently at risk.

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(This video was prepared in December 2022, over a year after the forcible takeover and bulldozing of Auroville had started.)

Auroville – in a nutshell

What is Auroville?

  • An experiment in human unity
  • An international project endorsed 5 times by UNESCO and supported by the Indian Government
  • Over 3,000 people from 60 nationalities
  • A community of souls thriving to progress through Karma yoga
  • A small town managing its school system, health clinics, waste…

What has Auroville achieved over the past 50 years?

Since its inauguration in 1968, Auroville has been built through the hard work and dedication of its residents and of many well-wishers in India and worldwide. Discover some of Auroville’s achievements and realizations over the past 55 years of its existence.

Discover how Auroville contributes to solving the world's challenges​​​

With dedication, creativity and a spirit of experimentation, Auroville strives to help humanity solve critical challenges in education, research & innovation, socio-cultural issues, food security, ecology, economy and many other cross-disciplinary fields.

Working for the Press?

This website has a great deal of content for visiting journalists, and other media-related content. One of Auroville Media Liaison’s main purposes is to welcome and guide visiting journalists, and liaise with external media outlets. 

If you are working for the press and are currently visiting Auroville, or if you plan to do so, here are some useful links:

Recognitions and Awards

Over the years, Auroville has been praised globally for its achievements.

Around the world

The reach of Auroville projects has always been international. Here are two examples we personally hand-picked for you:

National Geographic

Educating Young Kids on Waste
Ribhu Vohra | #OneForChange

Ever Slow Green

In the light of current events in Auroville the award-winning documentary film Ever Slow Green about Auroville’s unique reforestation work is being made available for free.