There are so many great things to say about Auroville: so many aspects, so many projects, so many achievements.

It is vital, today, to shine more light upon them and make sure the world knows the importance of Auroville, to restore the balance and showcase everything that has been done in the past 54 years.

To make this happen, we need your help. You: Aurovilian, Newcomer, volunteer, well-wisher… We need your knowledge, your skills, your time.

It may be for just an hour a month.

Perhaps just to give us some information about what you think is important to talk about.

Help us collect information or write. Take pictures or film. Take care of our social media networks and help them grow. 

Whatever you feel comfortable with…

Now more than ever, we need everyone’s energy and love.

It is like planting a tree: If each one of us spends an hour a week or a month nurturing it, the dream can grow.

Here are a few topic and areas we would need help with:

Finding clear data about Auroville’s achievements to answer the world’s challenges;
Finding data and key points about differents projets;
Helping to sort out all the data we already have to make using it more efficient.

If you are comfortable writing, we have a long list of article ideas. Or maybe you could suggest one.

Can you commit an hour a month? An hour a week? More? From research to simple administrative tasks, everyone can pitch in.

Help us talk about Auroville. Help Auroville grow stronger and overcome the present crisis.

Please fill this form and we will get in touch very soon